Crawler Cup 8m+ Grey

LBP 399,000

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The Twistshake Crawler cup is the perfect sippy cup to use when your child has learnt to drink for themselves and no longer needs handles on the sides to grab hold of the cup. The Crawler cup's no-spill spout supports your child's active lifestyle with a removable silicone seal. For a free flow or cleaning, you simply remove the silicone seal with a quick pull. Next to the spout on the top is a useful handle so you and your child can easily carry the sippy cup with you. Mix water with your favorite fruits and berries in your Crawler cup, and shake. The smart fruit mixer crushes the fruit and creates a tasty, natural and healthy fruit drink. Perfect for when you and your child need a refreshing break and extra hydration in your day-to-day life. Easy and tasty in just a minute!

Suitable starting 8 months
BPA free - a safe and secure product for you and your child
FruitSplash - mix fruit and berries together with water and shake the cup so you have a healthy fruit drink
Material - made of hard plastic (PP and TPE plastic)
Cleaning - dishwasher safe